Jamaica: High Command regrets response to emergency call to police station

The Police High Command has expressed regret at the recent handling of a call to a rural police station, of which a recording has been making the rounds on social media and drawing wide-scale public comments in the process.

The audio, the police indicated, is of an interaction between a member of the public and a member of the force during an emergency call.

In a statement, the police said the call “was received by a JCF member at the Islington Police Station in the St Mary (Police) Division”.

The statement said the recording was a subject of discussion during the High Command’s most recent weekly meeting that was attended by all divisional commanders and/or their representatives.

”The interaction (on the call) is seen as most unfortunate, given the level of training, reform and modernisation taking place within the JCF at this time,” said the statement.

“It represents a significant deviation from the JCF’s standards for public interaction, and is now the subject of an investigation led by the divisional commander for St Mary. When this investigation is concluded, the appropriate action will be taken,” the statement added.


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