Bahamas: “BULLISH AGENDA”: Christian Council flogs US hoisting of Pride flag as “diplomatic bullying”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Bahamas Christian Council said last night that while it supports the rights of each Bahamian to determine their own sexual preference, it does not believe that foreign governments, who are guests in The Bahamas, should “leverage their influence” to promote a lifestyle that contravenes with the “ideology of our country”.

“The Bahamas is a sovereign democratic nation that determines its own ideals, norms and laws,” read a statement from the Bahamas Christian Council.

“We respect the right of each nation to promote their beliefs in their own countries.

“We see the position of the United States Embassy as over-reaching and insensitive to the moral and ideological position of this country regarding the lifestyle of homosexuality.

“The Bahamas believes in the traditional family structure of one man and one woman.

“Hence, the decision to hoist and fly the Pride flag in a country whose moral and Judeo-Christian position is not only evident but prominent, is deeply concerning and could easily be perceived offensive to many of our citizens.”


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