Suriname: Fugitive ex-minister Gillmore Hoefdraad not on Interpol list

The ex-Minister of Finance, Gillmore Hoefdraad, who is wanted by Suriname is not on the list of Interpol. This was said by President Chan Santokhi on May 30, in the program Well-Informed Circles on ABC Radio . The head of state also does not know why Hoefdraad is not on this list.

Interpol has rules and the last time we were informed that the ex-minister is not on the list, we communicated with the then Attorney General (pg) Roy Baidjnath Panday. The response was that Interpol needed additional information and that information had already been sent. According to the president, no answer could be given why that investigation was not placed.

The head of state thinks it is now time for the Interpol structures to be asked to send a letter to this organization asking what the problem is why the ex-minister is not yet on the list. “I do know that Interpol has provisions in its charter. The alerts that will not be posted are when the issue is military or political,” he said.


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