Suriname: Constitutional Court will also consider fundamental rights

Since its establishment, the Constitutional Court (CHof) has now also been able to deal with the protection of fundamental and/or human rights in addition to reviewing laws or parts of laws. Adhering to fundamental rights is also the second constitutional task of the CHof, Gloria Karg-Stirling, chairman of the Constitutional Court, told Suriname Herald.

Stirling explains that the CHof wants to network nationally with various human rights organizations to give substance to the human rights aspect. In order to do this, citizens must be made aware that the CHof is also concerned with human rights. This body is also empowered to review administrative decisions that conflict with a citizen’s personal fundamental rights.

As an extension of raising awareness about what CHof stands for and does, there was recently a Zoom meeting with representatives of the Association of Indigenous Village Heads in Suriname (VIDS). VIDS chairman Cylene France and policy officer Max Ooft took part in this meeting.

The CHof will examine the possibilities and how they can contribute to the objectives of VIDS. In addition, the CHof will also investigate whether the issue of fundamental rights has links with fundamental rights as referred to in the Constitution.


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