Jamaica: Media removed as court hears ‘sensitive’ evidence against ‘Beachy Stout’

Members of the media were this afternoon removed from the proceedings against Portland businessman Everton ‘Beachy Stout’ McDonald in the Home Circuit Court as it was deemed that new evidence before the court is extremely sensitive.

The information surrounds new material that was recently obtained by the prosecution in relation to the 67-year-old man who is accused of murdering his two wives.

The prosecution was this afternoon expected to outline the new evidence followed by a response from the defence and Justice Vinette Allen –Graham.

However, members of the media were instructed by the judge to withdraw from the hearing after the lead prosecutor indicated that the material was extremely sensitive.

“It is material that I think, in the interest of justice, should not be disclosed to the general public,” she said while asking the judge to remove reporters.

The move was supported by the defence which said the revelation would not be good for potential jurors.

Following submissions on the new evidence, the judge is expected to make a decision on McDonald’s bail application.


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