Jamaica: PNP split but Campbell survives

Dr Dayton Campbell may have survived as general secretary amid a developing scandal but the decision to retain him in the People’s National Party’s (PNP) senior ranks has sparked a smouldering conflict that could further torch a deeply divided political organisation.

The PNP said in a statement on Thursday that it was standing behind Campbell amid the allegations of sexual misconduct, proferred by party activist Karen Cross and two bloggers, which he has vigorously denied.

“The party stands firm in support of our general secretary as we await the outcome of the police investigation in relation to the three documents,” the PNP said in reference to affidavits filed as part of defamation defence, which cited purported testimony from women who claimed they were victimised as minors.

But all four vice-presidents of the party said during the meeting that Campbell should step aside or at least take a leave of absence.

The Gleaner also understands that PNP Chairman Phillip Paulwell was among those who did not give Campbell full backing.

One senior member of the group who had discussions on his fate on Thursday contends that the party is on the wrong path.


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