Suriname: Mathoera will give substance to the consultative body of the National Army

Recent developments in the country have made calls for a union within the National Army once again audible. However, Defense Minister Krishna Mathoera says that the law does not provide for military personnel to form a union. “The government has not yet taken a position on this. It is not strange in the world that there are trade unions and also within national armies, ”the minister replied to a question from Suriname Herald.

Mathoera now sees catching up with regard to legal status matters that have been taken over as a priority. She wants to do this in the first half of this year. The minister says that they want soldiers to receive what they legally claim and that their interests are represented. Mathoera indicates that the law includes a consultative body and an officers ‘and non-commissioned officers’ association. These will be legally completed.

President Chan Santokhi says the minister is in the process of creating a say and sufficient say within the military. “It has to be there too. If there is a need for a trade union, we as a government want to look into it together with experts. ”

The military has been neglected for years, is the general complaint of the military. For some time, men were deployed to carry out security activities inland and for companies. This could have happened because there is no sounding board within the military. According to insiders, the military is classified the lowest compared to other armed services.


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