Embattled People’s National Party (PNP) General Secretary Dr Dayton Campbell has asserted that sex crime allegations levelled against him are part of an ouster plot.

This development could open up fresh wounds in an internecine conflict between factions loyal to PNP President Mark Golding and dissidents determined to undermine his leadership.

Karen Cross, a feisty PNP activist, launched an invective against Campbell months ago, accusing him of having intercourse with minors.

But Campbell has rejected those assertions as false and malicious and is suing for defamation.

In an escalation of the dispute, affidavits were filed with allegations, purportedly authored by three accusers, of sexual encounters with Campbell when they were below the age of 16.

The allegations emerged in a defence filed in the Supreme Court on May 13 by lawyers representing Cross, who, along with bloggers Natalee Stack and Michelle Stern, is the subject of a defamation lawsuit filed by Campbell.


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