Haiti: Haiti tries to handle more severe COVID-19 variants, mistrusting public

Gabriella Jean-Baptiste, 20, took her oncology exam at Haiti’s Mount Everest University in Port-au-Prince while battling the symptoms last week. She was struggling to breathe and coughing. That day, she also had a fever and lost her sense of smell. 

Jean-Baptiste thinks she might have contracted COVID-19, but she said she couldn’t know for sure since she wasn’t tested. It costs 6000 gourdes, or USD $66, to get tested at most locations, an amount she said she could not afford. 

Jean-Baptiste fully recovered over the weekend. But meanwhile, many other people in Port-au-Prince have been experiencing the same symptoms. For many of those who were tested, the results came out positive like soccer star Steeven Saba and ex-senator Jean Robert Bossé. Fifteen of those people who caught the virus died over the weekend.

Up until the beginning of May, Haiti was recognized for having a low number of cases when experts predicted otherwise. The number of daily cases abruptly increased from about 10 to 70 in May and went as high as 131 on May 21.


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