Trinidad & Tobago: 15-year-old chopped in Tobago

Tobago police are investigating a report in which a 15-year-old boy was attacked and chopped by a group of men.  

Thankfully, the victim did not receive any life-threatening injuries. 

The teenaged student, of Hopeton Road, Bethel, told police that at about 7:30pm on Sunday, he was walking home when he was approached by three men – all of whom he recognised. 

One of the men was armed with a cutlass. 

Without warning, the armed man approached the teenager and began to chop him. 

The teenager heard one of the other suspects encourage the attacker to continue to chop him. 

However, the attacker stopped and the group fled the scene. 

The victim soon realized he had suffered extensive injuries to his head and knee and he raised an alarm. 

He was taken to the Scarborough General Hospital, where he was medically examined by a doctor.


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