Suriname: ‘s Lands Hospital will soon be offering complete care to newborns

Newborn babies that require intensive care no longer need to be sent by the ‘s Lands Hospital to other hospitals for treatment. Babies who were born early or sick had to go to the Academic Hospital Paramaribo, the Diakonessenhuis or the Sint Vincentius Hospital. “We now have our own baby intensive care unit and the newborns who need extra care will soon no longer have to go outside,” says Suze Holband, nursing director at ‘s Lands Hospital.

In conversation with Suriname Herald, she says that the patient monitoring machines are intended for premature babies, which must be supported. The nursing director also indicates that a lot still needs to be done to set up the ward. “We are at the beginning. Architecturally everything still has to be put in order and the equipment still has to come. Our aim is to have the department ready by the end of the year, ”says Holband.

The Within Suriname Foundation recently handed over three devices to monitor patients to the ‘s Lands Hospital. The equipment will be placed at the Neonatal High Care Unit level 2.

“We have not asked. This organization looks for projects itself and if they find something that fits within their organization, they do it, ”says Holband. The foundation will hand over two more devices to the department, but they are yet to come.


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