The scandal surrounding People’s National Party (PNP) General Secretary Dr Dayton Campbell has intensified with the submission of statements from three females who are alleging that they had sexual relations with the politician when they were minors.

The statements are part of the defence filed by PNP activist Karen Cross at the Supreme Court on May 13 in response to a defamation lawsuit against her and two bloggers, Natalee Stack and Michelle Stern, filed by Campbell in March.

Campbell, in his lawsuit, has accused Cross and the other defendants of writing malicious, false, and defamatory comments on social media alleging that he had sex with girls who were under 16 years old.

However, Cross, who is relying on claims of truth and fair statement as her defence filed by her attorney, included the statements that were reportedly given by the three alleged victims and signed by justices of the peace (JPs).

In the first statement, which is dated March 1, a female who is now 18 alleges that she started having sexual relations with Campbell three months before her 15th birthday.


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