Bahamas: MORE DEMOLITIONS TO COME: Govt to begin moving on illegally built structures on New Providence

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The government has started issuing notices of demolition to residents of illegal shantytown structures “popping up” on New Providence, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister yesterday.

As he spoke to ongoing concerns of “shantytown houses” being built on private properties in the capital, Bannister urged Bahamians to report illegal structures being built to the ministry.

He said he received photographs over the weekend of illegal structures being built in his constituency, Carmichael, and in the Tall Pines area, adding that the requisite notices will be issued and those structures will be taken down.

“They are very close to legally built homes of Bahamians,” Bannister noted.

“They are going to cause challenges in those communities.”

“…It’s important, in those circumstance, for those of us who care about our way of life, who care about our community — where we are going to grow up our children, where our families live — that we report these irregularities where we see them, so that the government authorities can act properly.


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