4 wild concepts show what a futuristic, Ikea-designed smart home might look like

Although Ikea is only starting to dabble in smart home tech with light bulbsspeakers, and blinds, the Swedish furniture giant is showing off a vision that’s much more ambitious.

Someday, for instance, you might use augmented reality to visualize how your computer and TV share data with one another, or to look up the environmental impact of all of your gadgets. You might even use spatial audio to designate parts of your home as “silent zones,” or enlist a digital avatar to warn you of potential privacy threats.

To be clear, Ikea isn’t turning any of these ideas into products anytime soon, but it enlisted its innovation research and design lab, Space10, and a group of external designers to come up with them as a way to reflect on what the future holds for smart homes. The first of these “Everyday Experiments” concepts launched last year, and the latest batch focuses on privacy and trust in an effort to explore what a respectfully designed, noninvasive smart home might look like.

“We wanted to go about it where privacy is not a dystopia, and we’re not working at it from a dystopic point of view,” says Tony Gjerlufsen, Space10’s head of technology. “Privacy shouldn’t be a chore either.”


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