Suriname: Minister Somohardjo: “Recovery plan is being implemented for the people”

Minister Bronto Somohardjo of the Interior (Biza) says it has been established that the Recovery Plan for the people is being implemented. In the meantime, this plan has been sent to the National Assembly. He hopes that it will be processed in the short term. The minister says that this is a voluminous program that requires a lot of effort. It is important to get the noses in the same direction, Somohardjo says in conversation with Suriname Herald.

The Biza CEO believes that in difficult times there should be no coalition or opposition, because the commitment of everyone is necessary. More than a hundred measures will be taken. The public sector will play an important role in this. At his ministry, the minister has deployed a ministerial task force to look into the Recovery Plan and make adjustments if necessary when it is already being implemented.

“The execution capacity is important. The Recovery Plan is being implemented for the people. We are going to have to implement the plan, so that things go better for Suriname. A number of measures will probably be tough for the people, but these will be covered by the social safety net. SRD 1.4 billion has been earmarked for this safety net, ”explains Somohardjo.

The Recovery Plan is primarily intended to combat the financial-economic crisis in the country and to make public finances manageable again in the coming period. That is why a number of measures are being taken to restore health to the economy and the financial sector.


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