Suriname: Larecoweg residents are relying on portable toilets

To accommodate the families who have fallen victim to flooding on Gangaram Pandayweg, formerly known as Larecoweg in the Saramacca district, mobile toilets have been installed. The district commissioner (DC) of Saramacca, Sherin Bansi-Durga, immediately after reporting from the administrative service contacted the National Coordination Center for Disaster Management (NCCR) for help.

Due to the persistent rain, plots, houses and toilets of the residents have been flooded with all the consequences that entails. People now have to relieve themselves in higher areas in the open air, which can be described as degrading and unsanitary. Dc Bansi-Durga also contacted the Minister of Regional Development and Sport (ROS), Gracia Emanuël, this morning to discuss the situation on Larecoweg with her.

At the DC’s suggestion, the minister immediately had mobile toilets installed to help the 25 families. Especially for the women and children who have been hit hardest in this area, these portable toilets should be seen as first aid. The mobile toilets will have to be shared by the families for the time being.


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