NYC: Man with NYPD sweatshirt, license plate and real-looking gun busted in Times Square

A man in an NYPD sweatshirt with a holstered weapon that looked like a handgun was found skulking around the “Good Morning America” studios in Times Square early Tuesday, police sources said.

Abm Faisal, 31, was first spotted in his car by an off-duty NYPD detective who was working security outside Times Square Studios on Broadway near West 44th Street around 5:15 a.m. the sources said. The car had a thin blue line American flag that symbolizes support for the police, US Army decals and a decorative front NYPD license plate.

The two briefly chatted before Faisal got out and walked off.

About an hour later, the detective, who worked security for a company contracted out by GMA, spotted the suspect getting up from a table at a pedestrian area. 

The off-duty cop told The Post Faisal’s jacket was pushed back behind a holster on a waistband holding what appeared to be a handgun. 

The guard said he took notice of Faisal’s NYPD shirt — but immediately thought that he couldn’t be a cop.


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