Jamaica: Police checkpoint team beams at DRMA compliance level on the roads

It appears that some Jamaicans are going as far as to print the relevant sections of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA) to show to the police to establish that they are allowed to be on the roads either during the nightly curfew hours or when there is an all-day lockdown.

The latter was the case on Monday which was observed as National Labour Day.

Curfew measures and lockdowns have been implemented by the Government to help contain the spread of COVID-19 on the island.

When a Loop News team caught up with police personnel manning the checkpoint at Lakes Pen and Port Henderson roads in St Catherine on Monday, a police corporal indicated that he was frankly surprised when the team pulled over a motorist transporting agricultural produce and the driver showed them a printed section of the DRMA, which justified his presence on the road.

“I must say I was surprised, I have never seen anything like that,” the corporal affably admitted.

“We waved him through,” he added.

Under the Third Schedule of the DRMA, among those exempted during curfew hours are “persons employed in the transportation of agricultural produce or livestock or employed in the poultry industry, (including catching crew, poultry processing plant staff and the staff of feed mills).”


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