A 15-year-old girl who was allegedly molested at a western Jamaica hospital by a nursing assistant last Friday was reportedly being overwhelmed by demons she was silently battling due to sexual assault by a relative in 2017, driving her to the brink of suicide last week.

The teen, who was at home with a friend, reportedly disclosed that she could no longer fight as she took an overdose of pills last Wednesday.

The friend then alerted her mother, who was away at work, and was rushed to seek emergency medical attention at the Noel Holmes Hospital in Lucea, Hanover, The Gleaner has learnt.

In a cruel twist of fate as she lay on her hospital bed, recovering from her near-death experience last Friday night, she was allegedly fondled by a male nursing assistant.

The child’s mother was summoned and a report made to the police.

Multiple probes have been launched into the latest allegation and both the nursing assistant and the accused relative have been taken into custody.

The child’s mother, who spoke with The Gleaner yesterday, said she was hearing of the previous assault for the first time last week as she vowed to seek justice in that and the latest case.


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