Cuba: Cuba Suspends Sale of Dollars to Travelers

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban authorities suspended the operations of the branches of the official exchange house at the island’s airports that allowed passengers to buy dollars at the official rate of 24 X 1. The measure is the most recent sign of the absence of dollars on the island and whose price on the street has more than doubled to 55 X 1.

The illicit market is now the only place for travelers to obtain dollars for use abroad.  The bank cards they use in Cuba have no use outside the island. Tourists must use up or give away any Cuban pesos they have at the end of the stay.

The state-run CADECA (money exchange) announced through the press the closure of the currency exchange in international air terminals, where even before the limit was $300 dollars.

CADECA is the only entity with a license to exchange foreign currency to individuals and since last year the airport branches were the only ones in which Cubans and foreigners could acquire dollars at the official price if they showed that they were passengers.

“You’ll see the dollar skyrocket now on the street,” Facebook user Maday Cabeza said in a post.

Lizaida Merodio asked herself in the same network: “Are the measures taken here to harm us or to benefit the illicit market?”


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