Bahamas: REGISTRATION BOOM: Six constituencies have more than 6,000 voters

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — With voter registration continuing to slowly climb, at least six constituencies have more than 6,000 voters registered to date.

Up to last week, the current voter register stood at 189,888 voters, of which 131,528 voters were registered on New Providence; 30,348 on Grand Bahama; and 28,012 on the Family Islands.

According to data provided by Acting Parliamentary Commissioner Lavado Duncanson, constituencies seeing high voter registration numbers include Golden Isles (7,134), Killarney (6,696), Tall Pines, (6,138), Central Grand Bahama (6,631), East Grand Bahama (6,322) and Marco City (6,187).

The latest numbers show a marked increase from the number of voters in those areas during the 2017 General Election.

At that time, Golden Isles had 6,004 voters, Killarney had 5,700, Tall Pines had 5,033, Central Grand Bahama had 5,608, East Grand Bahama had 5,562 and Marco City had 5,402.

There were 181,000 registered voters in the last election, with a voter turnout of around 88 percent.

The remaining constituencies are seeing a steady climb in their voter numbers, with some constituencies staying close to their voter count from 2017.


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