Suriname: Chaotic situation at retailers

With the adjustment of the exchange rate to SRD 21 for a US dollar, there is a chaotic situation among retailers who mainly sell foodstuffs. They are faced with price adjustments on a daily basis that can sometimes cause a lot of frustration.

In conversation with Suriname Herald, Raymond Hasnoe, chairman of the Association of Surinamese Winkeliers (VSW), says that the situation is very chaotic. “Now it is really hot in the business world and especially with the retailers. You have your hands in the hair. You don’t know how to price your things because every day you get a call from the importer that the goods have been raised, ”says Hasnoe.

adjustment The prices of the various goods on the shelves are already being adjusted so that the retailers are able to pay the increased prices to the importers. “If we don’t do that, we have to buy the next lot with our profit and that is impossible. That’s not how we work. So it is terrible broeja, ”says the chairman.


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