You could win a cash lottery if you get vaccinated in these states

A COVID-19 vaccine is your shot at socializing again, and now it’s your chance to win big bucks.

A few states are giving people who have been vaccinated against COVID the opportunity to score anywhere from millions of dollars to tens of thousands in cash. Whether you spend that on work-from-home furniture, back-to-the-office non-stretchy clothes, or ketchup packets is up to you.

The idea was popularized in Ohio, where that state’s Vax-a-Million initiative drew the national spotlight due to its success in motiving residents to get vaccinated. The state is holding a $1 million lottery every week for five weeks, starting May 24. (Ohioans ages 12-17 are eligible to win one full scholarship to a Ohio state college or university per drawing.)

According to the Ohio Lottery and the Ohio Department of Health, the number of folks in the state who got their first dose went up 73%—from an estimated 74,000 between May 6-11 to more than 113,000 between May 13-18.


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