NYC: Universal Hip Hop Museum brings rap legends to The Bronx

Move over, MOMA.

There will be a new museum on the block of New York’s must-see cultural institutions — and she’s a home-grown girl.

That would be the Universal Hip Hop Museum, which had its groundbreaking ceremony along the Harlem River on Thursday featuring such NYC rap legends as LL Cool J, Nas, Fat Joe and Grandmaster Flash. The museum, which began construction in February, will launch as the cultural hub of the new Bronx Point development in 2024.

“It made me dream, you know what I’m saying?” said Queens native LL of his hometown rap roots that last week led him to be announced as a musical excellence inductee into the Rock & Hall of Fame.

.“Hip-hop made me believe that anything was possible. It was the first time that I heard, you know, young black men sound empowered. Most of the time when I saw young black men, they were, like, putting their heads down being put in a police car … This was, like, the first time where I felt like, ‘Wow. It’s possible to be powerful. It’s possible to be somebody.’ ”


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