How to quit your job with integrity

As the economy opens up and more employers expand their staff numbers, job seekers will encounter plenty of opportunities to grow their careers. This can be the best time for you, as an employee, to find a job you’ve always wanted, especially as companies seek out the best and brightest. However, as eager as you are to move on, when you quit, you have to be intentional about exit.

A Microsoft survey found 40% of people are considering leaving their current employer. Therefore, your need to fine-tune and thoughtfully roll out your exit is high. And there are specific ways to move forward from your current position that won’t leave behind a wake of destruction, which will be important for your success as you move on.


Leaving your current employer at your best is important for a variety of reasons. You demonstrate you have integrity and, therefore, want to do the right thing. Moreover, it may not be immediately obvious, but your network has incredible power and taking the high road will reap significant dividends. People are highly connected, so you never know when your current coworker or boss will turn up as the contact of a new relationship you’re building. And these days, transparency is also high. Networking sites make it easy to see how people are linked and seek input about a candidate or employee.


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