Suriname: “You have taken large areas of land, get away from here”

Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk was booed this morning when he tried to address activists at the building of the National Assembly (DNA). It was a chaotic situation in which furious activists refused to give the floor to the vice president. The people made it clear that they did not want to speak to him because he would have made it this far. “You’ve taken large areas of land, get out of here,” a disgruntled citizen shouted at the vice president.

Activist Stephano Biervliet (Pakittow) was also beaten. Things almost got out of hand between a civilian and Pakittow. He was even accused of taking money. Pakittow was not happy about this and yelled back “sot moni, sot moni”.

Activist Sibrano Piqué has come between the two and tried to calm things down. Piqué was unable to calm the people. Pakittow was chased away because some activists felt that he had brought the current ministers to power.

Pakittow indicated to journalists that a protest is imminent. He will be in contact with the police, the fire brigade and the trade unions. Pakittow emphasizes that the share price must go down because people do not come out with their money. People have loans from the bank and have to pay house rent.


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