Will you go back to a movie theater for more ‘Sopranos’? This filmmaker is betting on it

Kristian Fraga‘s new film is nearly three hours long and mostly involves people sitting in chairs talking. But the director is convinced it’s a film that will get audiences back in theaters, where it is being shown starting on May 19. 

There’s another hook too. The three-part documentary, being distributed by CineLife Entertainment, is about The Sopranos, so it’s essential viewing for fans of the seminal HBO show. 

Fraga admits that to those who have no interest in Tony Soprano and his turn-of-the-century mobster malaise, Sopranos Sessions “will be like watching paint dry.” But his hope is that the film will also tap film and TV lovers interested in the craft of visual storytelling and the creative process of someone such as series creator David Chase, and that its intimate, pared-down nature will be a draw for theatergoers who have been pent up at home during COVID-19.


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