Trinidad & Tobago: UWI criminologist: Give police bigger budget, more manpower

Recognising the evolving role of the police in society, criminologist and mediator Dr Wendell Wallace says there are several shortfalls in the current structure of the police service and recommends a larger budget and increased manpower to overcome these challenges.

In his opening remarks at an online symposium on the role of the police, hosted by the Caribbean Centre for Human Rights (CCHR) on Wednesday, Wallace said the role of law enforcement has changed over the years from traditional policing to a more community-based approach.

He said officers are called on to act in non-conventional roles, including disciplining children and acting as advisers and said in order to meet the challenges of modern law enforcement, more human and technological resources should be made available.

“I believe there is a shortage of officers who are on the street and policing. We hardly see police officers in major cities on foot patrols.

“Another gap I see is limitations in the use of technology, especially when compared to police in other jurisdictions.


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