Trinidad & Tobago: Men driving badly? 78% of 2020 road fatalities were male, says TTPS

The distinction as to whether men or women drive better is up still up for debate, however grim statistics shared by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) have shown that the majority of fatal road traffic accidents last year were male. 

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police – Administration at the TTPS, Joanne Archie, said although some might label women as terrible drivers, statistics recorded by the TTPS show otherwise.

She said 78 per cent of last year’s road fatalities were men and behavioural change is needed especially for male drivers who let the “need for speed” get to their heads.

“[Some] men often remark that women are bad drivers, but the data suggests otherwise.”

Archie was standing in for Police Commissioner Gary Griffith at the 7th Annual Arrive Alive Road Safety Awards, which was held virtually on May 18. 


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