Suriname: Traditional authority Brokopondo: “Not only Diana Pokie is behind concessions presumably issued”

The father of Minister Diana Pokie of Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB), Antonius Pokie, is startled by the news that has reached him about his daughter. “I don’t want to go into it any further, but I was shocked by what I heard about my daughter. They are busy with their things, but I am not active in politics so I leave it to political Suriname, ”he says in conversation with Suriname Herald.

Henkie Finisie, head captain of Browsweg, is sorry that this happened to the minister. He believes that what exactly happened should be investigated. The investigation must be fair, because mi sab ‘taki a no Diana wan prettu baka a san disi. “In case it does, the man should return drai alla sani instead of putting her out of the position,” he says. The chief captain also does not like that there is a fight between the Saramaccaners and Aucaners, which he thinks now looks like.

Captain Hendry Kaffe thinks Suriname is the second corrupt country in the world after Mexico. He sees the Pokie issue as a set-up scenario. The politics conducted in Suriname is not to advance the country, but more to enrich itself.

“A country with so many riches and yet the people pinpoint. Every government that comes does the same thing. A different story comes from the Office of the President and yet another story from the camp of the Vice President. Who are we to believe now? It is not yet clear what exactly happened, everyone tells what he or she wants and is fooling the people, ”says the captain.


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