Jamaica: ‘UNKIND!’ Nicholson dismisses Johnson Smith harassment claim after email leaked

Two days after former foreign affairs minister A.J. Nicholson called out the country’s current chief diplomat Kamina Johnson Smith for allegedly fabricating harassment claims, emails apparently in support of her allegations against him were made public after she was challenged to produce evidence.

But Nicholson expressed sadness that the contents of the emails released could have been used to accuse him of harassment in any discussion about gender-based violence.

“I could never be seeking to harass or threaten the senator and copy Minister (Edmund) Bartlett, who would know why I would be copying him. But the emails speak for themselves. They don’t lie.

“I would wish to say no more at this juncture, except that a person who has been placed in that kind of leadership position in our country should never be so unkind … ,” Nicholson said in written comments to The Gleaner on Tuesday.

Attempts to contact Johnson Smith on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Johnson Smith, in the Senate on Friday, named Nicholson as the People’s National Party (PNP) member who sent her emails which she claimed caused her to feel threatened. She reported the matter to the police, who she said informed her that a cybercrime may have been committed.


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