Dominican Republic: Cap Cana at Fitur: the country is in the best moment for permanent real estate tourism

The destination city of Cap Cana, present at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur), reaffirmed its commitment to developing real estate tourism in the country, highlighting the benefits and attractions offered by the Dominican Republic to continue promoting this sector.

Jorge Subero Medina, executive president of Cap Cana, expressed in the framework of Fitur that “our country at this time meets all the conditions to continue to encourage permanent and semi-permanent real estate tourism. The measures taken by the government during the pandemic and the success of the vaccination processes are generators of confidence that encourage travel and tourism.”

“Real estate tourism, as a complement to hotel tourism, represents important investments that drive the economy and the different Dominican productive sectors. More than 60 percent of the golf courses and boat docks in the country belong to the real estate tourism sector, complementing with such infrastructure the Dominican Republic’s tourism value proposition. We are in the best moment to support it, the country has a great opportunity for growth in this sector and one of the proofs of this has been the success in real estate sales that have been generated during the pandemic,” he said.

Subero indicated that “the lifestyle, the complimentary amenities and the constructions that we have been developing, allow us to transmit to tourists and real estate investors, that they can live with the Dominican culture beyond their vacations, being able to spend a great season of the year or reside permanently in the country, being part of the local economy.


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