Trinidad & Tobago: Griffith condemns rumour mill over fake news of PM’s death

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has once again cautioned some members of the public against sharing fake news.

This follows a post initially published by a Facebook user who claimed Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley suffered a heart attack and died.

The poster tried to validate the allegation stating: “my aunt who is a Minister has inform[ed] me…”

Responding to the claims, the top cop sought to reiterate the need to balance responsibility with the constitutionally enshrined freedom of expression.

“In the midst of a global pandemic, a State of Emergency, increasing demands on the State and other resources, one would think that persons would err on the side of exercising good judgement as it pertains to the statements they choose to publish. This is one of many examples of what we do not need in the public domain,” he lamented.

He further warned that such rumours are tantamount to wasteful employment of police’s time.


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