Suriname: OKB informed about election organization

At the invitation of the Independent Electoral Office (OKB), the General Elections Secretariat (ASV) of the Ministry of the Interior (Biza) held sessions on the election organization, election activities, election information and training provided during the election process. The initiative for the presentation came from the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs Committee of the OKB.

During the meeting held on 14 May in the Lalla Rookh building, Biza director Nasier Eskak discussed the statutory tasks of the ministry and the working structure for elections with various actors such as the working groups, interdepartmental committees, the policy committee, the management team, the director and Biza minister, the elections sub-council, the OKB, the CHS and the main polling stations and polling stations.

ASV head Rihanto Hardjopawiro highlighted the three important phases in the election process, namely the post-election phase, in which the organization is now; the pre-election phase and the electoral phase. He also discussed the different activities that are carried out in the different phases. Sabitrie Gangapersad of the ASV then discussed the information process and the training courses that are provided to the various election actors and bodies on the way to the elections.

OKB chairman Samseerali Sheik-Alibaks indicated that in order to supervise, knowledge of the activities, processes and procedures that apply to this are of great importance. “The OKB is by law the body that supervises the general, free and secret elections and the results of the elections are declared binding.”


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