Jamaica: Budding farmers eager to help with Jamaica’s food security

What started as an escape from the COVID-19 pandemic has blossomed into the rollout of a school-based farming club. 

The new Budding Farmers Grow Club is an agriculture-based extracurricular activity aimed at engaging children in discovering the ins and outs of planting, growing and caring for agricultural outputs from the farm to the table.  

Co-founders Mikayla-Ann and Matthew Henry, four and six years old, respectively, are intent on spreading their love for farming and the outdoors to as many children across the world as possible.

If founder Grace Henry had it her way, every home in Jamaica would have a backyard garden so that no child would go to bed hungry or malnourished.

“As part of the Budding Farmers Grow Club, at the end of each term children would have participated in numerous experiments, projects and most importantly would either be reaping from their farm or in the process of seeing their farm mature,” Grace Henry said at the virtual launch of the Budding Farmers Grow Club on Friday, May 14. 


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