Suriname: Grandpa 7-year-old Jaden sent off after questioning

The grandfather of 7-year-old Jaden Wens, who shot himself, was sent after interrogation. Investigations showed that the grandfather was lying on his bed listening to music, while he had placed his firearm on the floor under his bed. His grandson Jaden must have entered the room at an unguarded moment, saw the weapon and took it unnoticed. Suddenly the grandfather heard a gunshot go off and on that occasion saw Jaden lying motionless in front of the bed with a gunshot wound to his forehead.

The Santodorp Bureau police received a report from the Command Center on Saturday evening that a minor boy had sustained a gunshot injury at an address in Sunny Point.

Once there, the law enforcement officers found 7-year-old Jaden Wens who no longer showed any signs of life. A doctor called in formally determined the boy’s death. After consultation with the Public Prosecution Service, the lifeless body of Jaden was handed over to the family.


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