NYC: De Blasio adding 250 police patrols to NYC subway system amid MTA pressure

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s promise to temporarily add 250 more police patrols to Big Apple subways won’t be enough to tackle the surge in transit crimes, transit officials and police sources said Monday. 

De Blasio, bowing to months of pressure from transit leaders, said the move will bring the number of cops patrolling the underground to 3,250.

The number includes cops who could be given overtime shifts or get pulled off of desk assignments to work the transit system.

Transit officials said it’s just not enough.

“I think we need more beyond that, but the dialogue between the MTA and the state and the city should continue and I thank the mayor for the additional police officers,” MTA Chairman Pat Foye said at a briefing.

“We need a commitment from City Hall that these patrols will remain dedicated to the transit system as we recover.” 


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