Dominican Republic: Aerodom: airlines show dynamism with 90% of their seats occupied

Air operations and the influx of passengers registered a considerable increase in recent days. Daily, between 95 and 100 flights from the different airlines enter and leave the country through the Las Américas International Airport ( AILA ).

The airport and immigration authorities also registered a significant increase in the number of Dominicans arriving in the country from different countries with route letters issued by the Creole consulates.

This was revealed by the Department of Flights Operations of Dominican Airports Siglo XXI ( Aerodom ), also indicating that there is not only an increase in passenger flights but also cargo to and from different destinations.

“The highest flow of passengers and flights occurs on the Santo Domingo, United States, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Europe routes , but there has also been an increase to and from Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Aruba, Curaçao and San Martín , between others,” they indicated.


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