Beer, doughnuts, and a $1 million lottery: How vaccine incentives can help the U.S. reach herd immunity

A growing number of states, cities, and companies are offering incentives to encourage people to get vaccinated. And the sweeteners keep getting bigger and better.

New Jersey, for example, is picking up the tab for a free beer for anyone who can prove they got a shot. Maryland is offering state employees US$100, while Lancaster, California, is trying to encourage teens to get inoculated by entering their names in a raffle for college scholarships worth up to $10,000. Not to be outdone, Ohio announced on May 12, 2021, that it was creating a lottery with prizes of up to a full four-year scholarship for newly vaccinated teens and $1 million for adults.

Meanwhile, companies are offering everything from paid time off and gift cards to doughnuts and a burger and french fries.

Of course the big question is, will any of this work?


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