Trinidad & Tobago: Business association will support restrictions, State of Emergency

The Arima Business Association (ABA) says it will support further Covid-19 restrictions being implemented if necessary.

And it will the imposition of a State of Emergency if the situation warrants.

Noting that there were some 3,996 new positive Covid-19 cases and 85 deaths between May 1-13, the Association stated it believed further restrictions are imminent and that its’ members would continue to support the Government on any measures aimed at preserving lives even if this amounts to imposing a curfew or state of emergency.

“We hope that, with over 700 members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service currently in quarantine, the Defence Force would be called to assist if necessary.  

“We also understand that any further restrictions bring financial implications to citizens and businesses alike. It is with this in mind that the ABA would like the Government’s consideration of the following measures to assist businesses and citizens”.

1. Offering cheaper moratoriums than those offered in 2020 in which interest, if not settled, was added to the loan’s principal and compounded. This resulted in increased monthly installments after the moratorium ended and hardship for borrowers seeking relief.  


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