Suriname: Sozavo receives computer equipment to digitize files

Suriname is one of the countries where the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) implements the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) program. Within this program, small projects with a high impact for the benefit of the community are implemented and funded by the CDB. In connection with this program, five projects are currently under implementation in Suriname, including the Beneficiary Information System (BIS), which is being implemented by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo). An amount of US $ 115,000 has been earmarked for this.

As part of the BIS project, the Ministry received five laptops and 40 desktops on 12 May. The devices were handed over by Minister Armand Achaibersing of Finance and Planning to colleague Uraiqit Ramsaran of Sozavo. The available budget of the ninth BNTF program for the current phase is US $ 836,617, with a government grant of US $ 36,617. According to Minister Achaibersing, preparations are being made for the tenth phase of the BNTF program.

The minister called the handover of the equipment a milestone within the BIS project. The intention is that the beneficiary ministry will further shape the implementation of the project. Work will be done on digitizing the Ministry’s file. “The goal of the BIS project is to move towards automation,” said Minister Ramsaran. The devices are therefore the first step towards digitization of the file of his ministry and the various work arms.

According to the Sozavo minister, the BNTF program fits within the tasks of his department, if we consider the different target groups that the program focuses on, namely people with disabilities and people who receive financial or material assistance. Together with the Ministry of Finance and Planning, he tries to intervene in the needs as quickly as possible and also to move towards sustainable development. The minister placed particular emphasis on the sustainable development of people with disabilities.


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