Suriname: Leo Brunswijk will step down if it appears that he has concessions to his name

Leo Brunswijk, brother of Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, whose name is mentioned in the case of Minister Diana Pokie, says he has never applied for a single concession. “I have never applied for a concession. In 2005 when A-Combinatie was in the government, I did not do that either. I will resign if someone can prove that I have applied for land. I don’t need anyone to defend me because there is no case ”, says Brunswijk.

In the current affairs program M’Manten Taki , he says he only has something to do with Stichting A Marron Kompas. “I have nothing to do with the Ronnie Brunswijk Foundation. They are trying to break ABOP through me, because I am the engine of the party. ”

He also states that Minister Pokie of Land Policy and Forest Management should come out to inform society that he has not applied for anything. He has seen documents in which Jaikreek was published under the previous government. Pokie would only have corrected errors in the documents.

Brunswijk is also not satisfied with the letter from the VHP faction to the president stating that if Minister Pokie is replaced, someone from the VHP ranks will be placed in the position. He called this ‘brutal dog’. To his knowledge, coalition partners do not treat each other like that.


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