Dominican Republic: Dominicans show little interest in getting vaccinated against COVID-19 on weekends

This Friday, several vaccination centers in Santo Domingo East and the National District registered a drop in the attendance of people seeking inoculation against the coronavirus.

According to those in charge of supervising these days, the reduced attendance could be due to the recommendation made by the Ministry of Health about not consuming alcohol after the inoculation.

The Ministry suggests not to drink alcohol for at least 72 hours after the vaccination. According to studies, this reduces the level of immunological response in people; that is to say, the vaccine would not have the proper effect.

In this sense, the person in charge of the vaccination day at Play la Zafra, Dr. Mayelin Dotel, explained that the attendance at the center during the first days of the week is good, but it is drastically reduced from Thursday onwards.

“Attendance at this center has been good, but the first days of the week because as they have to last three days without drinking alcohol, well the young people will not come and some older people. So from Monday to Wednesday productivity is good, but by the middle of the week it goes down,” she said.

Usually, they receive about 300 people; however, at noon this Friday, they have received only 60.


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