Cuba: Signs of Shipwrecked Economic Reforms in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES – Economic reforms implemented by the Cuban government in early 2021 are showing signs of failure. In fact, it goes without saying that virtually no measure the State has taken under the Revolution, has been successful.

The implementation of 100 Guidelines written up by the Cuban Communist Party for economic development in the country, that came before the Tarea Ordenamiento (current reforms), and which were overseen by Marino Alberto Murillo, the head of the Permanent Committee for the Implementation of Party Guidelines, is one example of this chain of failures.

A string of garlic has gone up from 70 to 85 pesos in just a month. A bottle of natural yoghurt started off costing 40 pesos and now costs 80. Individual pizzas went up from 27 to 40 pesos. Cellphones cost between 6000-25,000 Cuban pesos. However, the one thing that Cuban nationals have forgotten about is quality. That´s to say, everything is going up disproportionately in price, but the quality of goods isn’t improving.

If the State’s intention was for reforms to stimulate production of goods, then why is it that cooking oil, chicken, ice cream, soap, which are products that can be nationally produced, are becoming more and more scarce on the Cuban market between January and May 2021.


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