Suriname: Project ‘Price control and surveillance’ is incorporated in policy

The ‘Price control and monitoring’ project will be included and incorporated into the policy with regard to price control and monitoring. This project has been carried out in the Saramacca district for several months now, under the leadership of district commissioner (DC) Sherin Bansi-Durga and parliamentarian Rajendre Debie. President Chan Santokhi received a presentation on the progress of this project on 11 May.

Debie said the head of state has welcomed this initiative. It means that up to resort level in Saramacca, the prices of basic goods in the various shops are checked weekly and published on the Facebook page of the Citizen Information Center (BIC-Saramacca).

The system was developed on the basis of criticism from society about the prices of products in the shops and the price development. Citizens of Saramacca are informed of the prices through the publication and they do not have to visit several shops for reasonable prices.

“This entails healthy competition,” said DC Bansi-Durga. According to her, the retailers are cooperating fully and consumers are also keeping an eye on things.

According to parliamentarian Debie, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation will include the project in the further implementation of its policy on price control and monitoring.


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