Suriname: Driving behavior Afobakkaweg drivers is a cause for concern

The driving behavior of the drivers on the Afobakkaweg is of concern to the regional police commander (GPK) Ruben Kensen of Brokopondo. He indicated that all kinds of ways are being tried to inform drivers who drive at relatively high speed on the road of the danger, but this is not heeded. Road checks have therefore also been stepped up.

The Afobakkaweg is often seen as a racing track, but it is not a racing track, there is a permitted maximum speed that must be maintained. However, this is not being followed up, says the GPK in conversation with Suriname Herald. “The many collisions on the Afobakkaweg are a cause for concern. On this road we have more of the traffic pirates and they are responsible for the number of traffic accidents on this road, ”he says. There were a number of traffic accidents in the past year.

“Every accident is too much. Too many vehicles roll over and that has to do with the speed at which the vehicle is being driven. Most of the accidents are caused by speeding, ”the GPK said. The drivers refuse to adhere to the permitted maximum speed. “We do notice that the number of road accidents for this period is decreasing, except for a few minor incidents,” notes the inspector.

The GPK, who has been employed in the Brokopondo district for a year, would like to see a change in driving behavior. He says that he has a good cooperation with the community. Only through good cooperation can things be handled differently.


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