NYC: NYC bus drivers demand cops in their vehicles amid surge in assaults

A Big Apple bus driver who was attacked on the job spoke about her harrowing experiences Thursday — as workers called on the city to place police officers on their vehicles for protection.

Driver Lupa Guallpa, 38, tearfully recounted how she’d been driving buses for just eight months before a man stomped, punched, and choked her on Nov. 6.

“I was on my last trip at 12:34 and one guy laid down next to his wheelchair. I tried to help him, he didn’t look so good,” the mother of two told The Post.

“He took me by my hair from behind and threw me on the floor and tried to stomp on me with his foot,” she said. “He punched me in the face two or three times, broke my earring and he started choking me.”

An Uber driver saw the attack and called the police, Guallpa said — but the attack left her in shock.

“In the first week I couldn’t talk to anyone, I was afraid to go outside. But I see my kids. My kids depend on me. I’m here for my kids’ future,” she said through tears.


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