Dominican Republic: Tourist companies that offer alcohol on beaches or excursions will have their licenses permanently revoked

One of the sanctions of Resolution DJ-0010/2021 of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) will be the definitive cancellation of the operating license of any tourist establishment that violates the prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages on excursions and street vending on the beaches.

In addition, these violations will lead to the inability to obtain or renew these licenses.

An announcement published Thursday by Mitur indicates that other sanctions will be the seizure of such beverages by the Public Ministry, as established in Article 241 of the Tax Code and Law 17-19 on Eradication of Illicit Trade, Contraband and Counterfeiting of Regulated Products.

Likewise, those who do not comply with the resolution provisions will be subject to justice and will have to pay compensation.

It should be noted that last April 21, Mitur issued this resolution prohibiting tourism operating agencies from selling, dispensing, distributing, and consuming alcoholic beverages of any kind within the framework of the excursions or tours they offer, carried out on land, water, or air in the national territory, whether before, during or after their conclusion.


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