3 ways business leaders can take action to stop voter suppression in their state

This month, lawmakers passed legislation restricting voting access in Florida, making it the first major swing state to pass such a law, with another 361 more restrictive voting laws introduced in 47 state legislatures. With these and other laws on the table, we’re seeing companies get increasingly vocal about the importance of voting rights. And in response, elected officials, including Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz have criticized this move from the business community.

The widespread attempt to curtail much-needed change in our election system and the steadfast signal for businesses to ‘stay out of politics’ not only undermines the very foundations of our democracy, but the health of our economy.

The corporate pushback to restrictive voting laws is not about partisanship; it’s about companies taking principled action to oppose discriminatory policies and defend the very system that upholds American democracy: free and fair elections. A functioning democracy is at the bedrock of a healthy economy, and companies are sending a clear message to legislators, aligning corporate actions with their values, which has become commonplace for corporate America.


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