Suriname: Flying Brigades are amalgamated into more powerful working arm

The two task forces operating under the identical name of the Flying Brigade and Flying Brigade Price Control are merged into a more powerful work arm. This is necessary because confusion has arisen within society. President Chan Santokhi had a meeting yesterday with those involved from both task forces. “A working group from the two Flying Brigades is going to write a project plan to arrive at an effective and more decisive Flying Brigade,” said Director of Taxation, Ismaël Kalaykhan.

He is a representative of the Ministry of Finance and Planning in the Flying Brigade. This was announced by President Santokhi in January this year in response to signals regarding illegal timber exports. The purpose of this brigade is to tackle mainly corruption, price increases and financial-economic evasive behavior.

Representatives of the Ministries of Finance and Planning, Justice and Police and Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation as well as representatives of the Foundation for Forest Management and Forest Control (SBB) were primarily part of this task force. The other Vliegende Brigade (Price Control) is mainly concerned with issues of inflating prices and illegal transactions (smuggling and trade in illegal products).


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